Why ezeep Dash

ezeep Dash allows direct IP printing with cloud-based print management.

Direct IP Printing

Define users, select drivers and assign printers – all via the cloud. That’s it, your company is now ready for direct IP printing.

ezeep Dash eliminates print servers and comlex print infrastructures.

Eliminate Print Servers

Make print servers obsolete! Manage printers, printer drivers, users, and IP addresses all easily via the intuitive cloud portal.

ezeep Dash comes with an extensive driver store in the cloud.

Cloud Driver Store

Complex driver handling is over! Simply select printer drivers from ezeep Dash’s extensive cloud driver store.

ezeep Dash is deaol for serverless architecture and cloud infrastructure.

Serverless Architecture

ezeep Dash doesn’t require any server component for print management making it ideal for serverless architecture and cloud infrastructure.

ezeep Dash eliminates print servers and reduces costs for hardware, software and IT administration.

Reduce Printing Costs

Benefit from a far smaller investment in hardware and software as well as significantly less overhead for IT administration and support.

ezeep Dash's user self service eliminates print-related help desk requests.

User Self Service

End print-related helpdesk requests! Users manage their own printers via the user-friendly Self Service Portal.

ezeep Dash is a cloud-native solution and highly scalable.

100% Cloud Native. 100% Scalable.

ezeep Dash was designed from scratch as a cloud platform. ThinPrint, a company with decades of expertise in print management and with projects of up to 250,000 users, provided significant knowhow and backing to the solution.